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Netgear PR2000 Trek Travel Router

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Netgear just released a new firmware V1.0.0.12_1.0.1 for PR2000 Trek Travel Router.

This is a little nifty device that offers low cost router, access point, bridging and range extended features in one device. You can buy this device for less than $50 on-line and you will not find another device that offers the same feature set in the same price ballpark. It’s aimed for users that travel a lot and allows you to share one Internet connection for multiple devices – your smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Many hotels now charge you for multiple devices that you want to connect … Read the rest of this entry »

Time is running out for IPv4 addresses – get PI space while you still can

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Ripe will soon stop assigning PI IPv4 address blocks so you should act fast. You can get an IPv4 /24 PI space for multihoming purpose from Ripe and comply with their allocation policies if you need this space for multihoming.

Ps. This is my first blog post from Android phone!… Read the rest of this entry »

HP Technology at Work 2010

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I have been attending HP Technology at Work 2010 that currently hosts in Messe Frankfurt, Germany (April 26-29). Not very technical sessions so far (I am a tech person myself) for the first day, but I hope that more technical stuff is coming shortly.

Since I am a very big Vmware fan I had scheduled all sessions that cope with Vmware or virtualization (including Thin clients, Xen/Citrix). I hope to upload some photos tomorrow or perhaps tonight if I have enough time (Internet cost in hotel I am staying in is killing me!).

The new stuff:

  • HP Storage plugin for
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Enabling SSH access to Cisco routers and switches

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It’s always better to use SSH not Telnet if you are connected from a remote location and someone may snoop your password.

You must enable SSH on the Cisco gear by using:

crypto key generate rsa

Tune timeout and re-tries:

ip ssh timeout 120

ip ssh authentication-retries 3

Look up if you have SSH enabled on your Cisco router:

show ip ssh

See the SSH status:

show ssh… Read the rest of this entry »

Updating root.hints or file


From our own experience, not many folks keep up their or root.hints file for the DNS service. Fetching this file every month is recommended if you run a busy recursive DNS service, for example, an ISP provider DNS or medium to large corporation DNS servers.

You can easily fetch this file with a dig utility:

dig . ns > root.hints


dig . ns >

You can easily set-up a crontab entry to perform file update.

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Avoid Realtek network cards

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Avoid Realtek network cards as their technical support is simply none. We have RTL-8110SC/8169SC based NIC cards (built in) on quite a few test servers and the performance is quite low.

We have been trying to find the problem as it looks the driver or NIC card performance for Linux kernel. Realtek support department doesn’t reply to our emails. We have sent multiple emails and it’s been several weeks without a single response.

Stay away (my personal recommendation and opnion) and use Intel. You get what you pay!… Read the rest of this entry »

SRW2008 Fatal Error problem

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Exit from boot menu. Continue with flow.
Preparing to decompress…
Decompressing SW from flash

Running from RAM…

*** Running SW Ver. 1.0.3 Date 29-Mar-2007 Time 10:49:18 ***

HW version is 00.03.00
Base Mac address is: 00:1d:7e:7a:2a:81
Dram size is : 32M bytes
Dram first block size is : 17152K bytes
Dram first PTR is : 0xF40000
Flash size is: 8M
01-Jan-2000 01:01:05 %CDB-I-LOADCONFIG: Loading startup configuration.
Device configuration:
PCB revision: 1
Slot 1 – SRW2008 HW Rev. 0.1
Tapi Version: v1.3.3.1
Core Version: v1.3.3.1
01-Jan-2000 01:01:17 %OS-A-MEMORY: Main System Memory Pool Overflow
01-Jan-2000 01:01:17 %ERHG-E-SEND:
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Bind master configuration and forwarder benchmarking

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We performed Bind 9.4.2 benchmarking using our Gigabit network and Linux server nodes. The following performance was easily recorded using one zone and doing IN A requests using queryperf tool.

DNS Query Performance Testing Tool
Version: $Id: queryperf.c,v 2007/09/05 07:44:57 marka Exp $

[Status] Processing input data
[Status] Sending queries (beginning with
[Status] Testing complete


Parse input file:     once
Ended due to:         reaching end of file

Queries sent:         514229 queries
Queries completed:    514229 queries
Queries lost:         0 queries
Queries delayed(?):   0 queries

RTT max:              0.000861 sec
RTT min:              0.000172 sec
RTT average:          0.000678 sec
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