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Multiple domains for seo friendly hosting

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There has been debates for years if one large site is much better than 50 small ones. Some folks say the big site wins, some believe multiple small sites do provide advantage. Let’s not get into debates what is better, but let’s look at multiple domain name hosting for SEO.

  • Search engines like sites linking to each other on completely different IP subnets. Preferable different data centers and upstream providers – it’s easy for search engine programmers to assume these are two different sites linking each to other.
  • Completely different WHOIS records, including owner, address, fax, phones etc. Preferable not
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Dedicated or shared IP address

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Still many folks think that you need a dedicated IP for each site to gain the best SEO rankings. Unfortunately not.  It’s not nice to interlink your own sites for better rankings (so does google say).  You may however get different IPs from different IP blocks so that when a bad IP or IP  blocks get blacklisted by some search engine your IP is not in that range. I myself think that when your revenue increases and you start earning more than a normal dedicated server will cost you it’s time to move dedicated. You get a better control, dedicated … Read the rest of this entry »

Using Bum Marketing for big online business

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Before you know how to use bum marketing to make money you will first have to know just what that involves doing. Basically it is writing and posting articles online and you will earn money for each by promoting products for websites of which you happen to be an affiliate of. It is easy and it easy enough for anyone to do, hence the name bum marketing.

Bum marketing is popular because it generates a consistent income that can be quite substantial and doesn’t take much time or effort it just requires you keep publishing articles. Using bum marketing, or … Read the rest of this entry »

Making money with affiliate programs

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There are literally thousands and thousands of affiliate programs available today. Savvy entrepreneurs of all ages and from all walks of life are making good money, as an affiliate.

The easiest way to get started is by conducting a great deal of initial research and then choosing a product or products that you are interested in promoting. There is no cost to join an affiliate program. The only cost you will incur is advertising costs, used to market the products.

It is helpful to choose something you already know something about. For example, if you love to fish you would … Read the rest of this entry » generates $850K revenue in one year

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I have been quite impressed with the revenue numbers of $850,000  and $100,000 profit for Keep up the good work! is a web search marketer portal with over 30,000 registered users world wide. It offers articles, guides and tools for search engine optimization. The domain name is registered on 06-Nov-2004.… Read the rest of this entry »

Slowing down MSN Bot

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Sorry, almost forgot the previous night when I was posting about slowing down Yahoo Slurp, that the same technique applies to MSNBot as well. The only difference is a different name (bot name) User-agent definition.
User-Agent: msnbot
Crawl-Delay: 10

The above 2 lines in robots.txt file will instruct MSN Bot to delay new request by 10 seconds before it requests new file from your domain web site. Now, back to work ! :)… Read the rest of this entry »

Slowing down Yahoo Slurp bot

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Some people are screaming that Yahoo Slurp is overloading their web site and eating too much resources, including bandwidth.

In order to back off Slurp bot with custom delay between each requests (frequency), you can use robots.txt file and place it in your web site root directory, for example

The following robots.txt setup will delay Yahoo Slurp bot 30 seconds (atleast) before each new GET query.

User-agent: Slurp
Crawl-delay: 30

Where value 30 is 30 seconds. You can define “Crawl-delay 60” and it will delay 60 seconds between each request from the Yahoo Slurp bot nodes.

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