Netgear PR2000 Trek Travel Router

Netgear just released a new firmware V1.0.0.12_1.0.1 for PR2000 Trek Travel Router.

This is a little nifty device that offers low cost router, access point, bridging and range extended features in one device. You can buy this device for less than $50 on-line and you will not find another device that offers the same feature set in the same price ballpark. It’s aimed for users that travel a lot and allows you to share one Internet connection for multiple devices – your smartphone, tablet or a laptop. Many hotels now charge you for multiple devices that you want to connect to Internet and Trek Travel Router will share one internet connection for all your devices. Set-up Wifi for your own devices just once and use it anywhere you travel later. It perfectly works with pre-login and authorized code options that most of the hotels use to authenticate users.

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