The best way to transfer you money around the world –

Do you work abroad and you need your money transferred back to your home country? Do you still have some bills or loans that you need to pay in your native country? should be your first choice for international money transfers. I have been using this company for transferring my funds from my UK and USA accounts and the service has been marvelous. I have probably saved well over 150 EUR using Transferwise (please note that they offer very good exchange rates for USD->EUR, EUR->USD, GBP->EUR, EUR->GBP, GBP->USD, USD->GBP, probably ALWAYS beating your bank exchange rates) and the transfer is quite fast.

USD transfers will arrive in your US bank account as ACH transaction and no extra ‘incoming wire transfer’ fees will be billed. With large banks that’s another 30 to 50 dollars in savings.

Fully recommended and fully trusted service!


Update Nov 23rd, 2014.

US members may experience problems funding your payment via ACH verification method Transferwise offers (the limit is up to 3000 USD). Transferwise will ask you for your bank login and password to verify your account in real-time, however it probably works with the big and lousy banks as most credit unions have another layer of security in place. So your only option would be US wire transfer with fees ranging from 12 USD to 25 USD depending on your bank or credit union fees. The Transferwise charges 1% fee for USD payments.

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