Why people always give up

In a world full of hustle and bustle it is not hard to see why sometimes we struggle in life. In recent years the pace of our world has increased ten fold, with cities that never sleep, ever increasing work hours and often 2nd jobs or extra studying it can sometimes feel like we never get a single moment to ourselves.

Maybe you feel like you are working hard towards an unachievable goal. Are you working long hours towards a promotion that you are not even sure you will achieve? Maybe your boss has asked you to put in the extra hours but you feel that you are being taken advantage of; all of these can put a huge dent on your self esteem and make you want to give up.

We all know the “Monday morning feeling”, that dread of having to get up and start the week all over again. Often it is the fact that are day to day lives are so monotonous that we are unable to gain momentum or the motivation to go about things. The key to this more often that not is our employment.

Most of us spend around 40 hours a week doing our job, and in many cases this is 40 hours of doing something that we at best don’t enjoy, at worst hate. A lot of the time just a change of job can work wonders for our lives. For a start a new job is a new start, so often you will make of an effort. Looking good promotes good feelings about ourselves and can often improve the way we feel. Then there is the fact that we will be meeting new people – each and every one of those is a potential new friend! Meeting new people is always good, talking and learning about each others lives. Plus, find a job that you enjoy and you no longer have to spend 5 mornings a week lying in bed, dreading the time you have to get up and get ready.

Many of us give up because we feel there is no hope. We feel that a small change is not enough and that there are too many big changes needed to realistically improve things. However just a small change can make a huge difference to the way we feel about ourselves and this alone can often mean we are more willing to look at ways to improve other parts of our lives.

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