Why LAMP servers are the best

LAMP stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Over at least 5 years I’ve been using LAMP and LNAMP (Linux, Nginx, Apache, MySQL and PHP) powered web servers to serve high bandwidth sites on simple commodity servers you can rent starting just from $30 per month.

My first choice of Linux server OS is Centos – a white hat clone from Redhat :) It’s free, easy to administer, fast to configure and not complex to keep up running. OS patches are also released fast and combined together with packet filters and other security software it does provide adequate security as well.

Benefits of using LAMP servers:

  • Full control over the server and it’s software
  • You can make configuration changes without affecting easy-to-break Control panel software
  • Easily re-compile PHP or Apache for additional modules you require
  • Easily upgrade software versions to the required or latest releases when you need it
  • Better security as only required server daemons are running
  • Much higher performance – your server doesn’t need to run fancy Control panel features –  e-mail, chat room software, SSL, web control panel and other daemons that are particularly not required for your web site
  • No extra monthly fees for control panel licenses
  • No need to find a dedicated server provider who provides specific control panel software

Benefits of Control panel based servers:

  • Easy to create new sites with just one click of the button
  • Only choice if you are not familiar with running and managing Linux based servers
  • You don’t need to worry about statistics software, email system set-up, DNS management and other fancy features – the control panel already provides it
  • Web based control panel
  • “everything in a box” solution.. no need to worry to set-up and compile required server daemons and software

LAMP based servers are for real geeks (or you can go LAMP route if you hire a server administration company or have in-house Linux tech) that prefer to have full control over the server and fine tune it as you wish. LAMP is the platform what I use and will continue using. LAMP boxes are the best!


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