Ping blog update service sites

When you publish a new content on your blog, you need to notify Update service sites that your blog has new and fresh content available. At first it may sound a bit complicated process to set-up, but it’s easily done with WordPress built-in feature called “Update services”. A lot of folks refer to it as “blog ping” service.

So why do you need to notify these blog update service sites about fresh content?
To get more feed readers, web visitors and increase your blog popularity. Many folks have signed up with these Update services sites and are automatically receiving notifications about your new blog posts.

How does these Update services work?
Update services can be configured to send email notification messages when a specific blog is updated, thus a subscriber can sign up for a free account, set-up specific blogs to follow and quickly get notifications that there is a new content available. Most of these Update services sites offer web based interface and are re-publishing post excerpts on-line and send e-mail notifications if you prefer and set-up.

Let me quickly explain Update service configuration with WordPress.

When you update your blog content you send a “ping” to predefined URL that you can set in your WordPress administration panel. You will find the text area field where you can enter ping URLs one per line in: Settings -> Writing -> Update services.

I recommend the following Blog ping sites (Update Services sites):

Remember to replace “” to your real site URL.

Screenshot of Update Services configuration menu:

Wordpress Update services

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