Multiple domains for seo friendly hosting

There has been debates for years if one large site is much better than 50 small ones. Some folks say the big site wins, some believe multiple small sites do provide advantage. Let’s not get into debates what is better, but let’s look at multiple domain name hosting for SEO.

  • Search engines like sites linking to each other on completely different IP subnets. Preferable different data centers and upstream providers – it’s easy for search engine programmers to assume these are two different sites linking each to other.
  • Completely different WHOIS records, including owner, address, fax, phones etc. Preferable not sharing the same DNS servers
  • Different IP WHOIS records. This is the IP address space user contact details that depending where is your hosting provider can be Ripe, Arin, Lacnic or other IP registry.

So basically, if you have 30 sites some linking to each other and so forth, make sure you host them on a different IP blocks and different upstream providers. Some hosting companies may offer different IP subnets as well. However, multiple servers and hosting accounts become complex in long run and can be quite expensive. So perhaps one large site is better (remember, you have all your eggs in one basket)?

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