My steps for updating ESXi Vsphere servers

There are many ways how to upgrade ESXi servers, but below, I will compile a list of update steps I am performing.

We only use ESXi Vsphere 4 version with Standard and Advanced type licenses. All ESXi servers are connection to Virtual Center and managed from there.

1.) Download ESXi installable ISO from web site and burn it in CD
2.) Move all virtual servers to other ESXi hosts using vMotion or shutdown servers and use standard migration
3.) Enter ESXi host in “Maintenance mode”
4.) Disconnect FC storage uplinks
5.) Insert CD in CD tray – boot the server and follow the quick installation steps (If you have remote server management console with virtual media support, like ILO feel free to do installation remotely, however I still suggest removing FC storage uplinks)
6.) After the installation connect FC storage uplinks
7.) Boot up the server
8.) Exit “Maintenance mode”

Now, you are fully set and the ESXi hypervisor updated (well actually fully reinstalled to the latest Update/release).

Please keep in mind to update Vmware Tools on all the virtual servers you are hosting on this newly installed box!

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