10TB dedicated servers

Remember the time when 50GB monthly traffic for a dedicated server was so much bandwidth. Nowadays, 1000GB, 3000GB or even higher traffic monthly limits are common, but there are quite a few dedicated server companies lately offering 10TB (10000GB) monthly traffic limit. This is quite a huge monthly limit and 99%+ web sites will never attract this traffic (sorry, but I had to say this). The pricing is quite attractive and there are companies that advertise 10TB server pricing for less than 100$ a month (doesn’t sound that you really get 10TB for this price, hopefully you do).

Anyway, if your site has large traffic requirements it’s the way to go. Extra bandwidth is more expensive. The most important is to read feedback about the provider you are going to use and see if it’s a reputable company.


  1. Bob says:

    There are a host with 100TB for around $200 per month !

    What a crazy deal! Let’s see what other companies will offer….

  2. http guy says:

    There are some mixed reports if you are using 100% of the bandwidth. Hint: SimpleCDN.

  3. Greg says:

    In my experience, the more they offer for less the buck… the more concerned I become about performance.

    At least the CDN market hasn’t seen the dubious “unlimited” packages pop up, like now plague the shared hosting world for smaller pages.

    Also, funny, but an ad on this page is touting 100TB for $200… shows how fast prices are still falling in this market.

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