Migrating from 3.5 to Vsphere – Bios updates

It’s been very recommended to upgrade BIOS 4 to BIOSĀ  7 if you are migrating your Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 servers to Vsphere 4. You will experience much better performance using Vsphere 4 and don’t forget to upgrade BIOS. You can do it by shutting down virtual machine and right-click the mouse on the machine name in the inventory. You will notice a new menu appearing “Upgrade virtual hardware”. You can click it and upgrade BIOS in a few seconds, BUT REMEMBER TO TAKE A SNAPSHOT before doing it or there is no way to return the virtual BIOS to version 4.

We have been migrating over 40 virtual servers to Vsphere 4, but I still do take a snapshot before upgrading the virtual server BIOS and then when I double check everything is working fine I do delete the old and non-wanted snapshot.

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