vimService.wsdl CLI problems with Server version unavailable

We are using HP G5 rackmount servers with Vsphere 4. This morning I came up with a idea that we need HP CIM providers installed for ESXI 4.0 in order to see more sensor values including RAID controller etc.

I got Suse SLES installed (10 SP 2 works :)) and installed the command line tools. Unfortunately, running vihostupdate reported the following error:

Error: Server version unavailable at ‘’

Before installing command line tools, I didn’t pay much attention if I have all the required libs installed. So I started to figure out where is the problem and found that my SLES install didn’t had openssl-devel installed.

I installed openssl-devel and run the command line tools install once again and it worked fine (I didn’t get errors about missing Perl SSLeay module).

This time, the update worked like a charm.


  1. Luiz Felipe says:


    It helped me a lot!


  2. Genadi says:

    Thanks, but does not work for me when I try /usr/lib/vmware-vcli/apps/vm/ –operation shutdown –vmname vCSD-vStorage (and other parameters I wont publish obviously).

    openssl-devel is installed latest version, SSLeay on perl is also installed (Makefile.PL does not complain anymore).

    Any ideas?

  3. Genadi says:

    Never mind I figured it out.. port had to be 443 and I did 80 :)

    I am now looking for a way to modify the vmcontrol script, in order to operate on machines by MAC address.

    Any ideas how to do that?

  4. Bodo Eggert says:

    The Debian packet libio-socket-ssl-perl is needed for https operation.

  5. Freaky says:

    Also caused by a perl module wanting to check the certificate (which are usually self-signed and will thus fail).


    should solve it.

  6. Otto says:

    Yes! This worked for me too:


    (I know I’m responding to a two year old post, just wanted to reaffirm that the fix works)

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