Increase uptime and reliability for your website or large blog using CDN

Many popular websites and blogs have some serious problems with uptime and reliable hosting. Some hosting services are just, plainly put, bad yet others simply suffer from issues with bandwidth and reliability. Using a Content Delivery Network can definitely help with uptime, as well as decrease the load on your shared hosting account or dedicated host. You can increase download speeds from your site using a Content Delivery Network.

Using a Content Delivery Network to store and deliver much of your static content to the user is one of the easiest ways to decrease your server load, and increase server access and reliability. Static content such as: images, PDF files, and other downloadable content all create a lot of requests to the server as well as require a lot of bandwidth. Moving all this static content to an independent Content Delivery Network removes much of the load caused by image and other content static requests and decrease loading times. Because Content Delivery Network are distributed across multiple servers the load is shared between all the server hardware as well as each servers dedicated bandwidth. This reduces stress on each server, making it less likely that the server will crash and increasing overall reliability. Having content hosted on multiple servers decreases the chances of your content hosting going down, because if one server goes down one of the other servers is instantly able to take all the traffic in its place.

Up-time is very important to any webmaster because if your website or blog is down no one can access it. Keeping a website operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is unbelievably important and using a Content Delivery Network ensures quality uptime. As mentioned before, Content Delivery Network store your content on multiple servers, each located in a different physical location. Every server failing at the same time is nearly impossible, and as long as at least one of the servers in your Content Delivery Network is function all content will be accessible to your website.

Not only does using a Content Delivery Network help with uptime and reliability, it also helps with access speeds. By distributing your content across multiple servers it is much more likely that a user will connect to a server which they can access quickly. Unlike a single point access system, not all viewers will load your website from the same physical server. By distributing the content you also remove the stress caused by a single user downloading a large file, enabling other users to access the rest of your content without a slowdown.

Overall using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a great idea for your website or blog. Content Delivery Networks can easily increase reliability of your hosting, increase your server uptime, and increase speeds. All three of these are greatly desired by any webmaster, and a Content Delivery Network is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to achieve all three for your site!

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