How does the domain transfer works

If you want to sell your business, you should quickly learn how the domain transfer works. If you are not sure on the domain transfer, when you think of selling domain names, you have to follow the process of domain transfer carefully. You should have all the details handy with you, such as Your Name, email, Phone Number, Address etc.. As the entire process involves easy steps, there is no need to worry. First of all you have to long into the domain transfer account. After going to domain names, you can select my domain names. After clicking the domain name to be transferred, you have to change accounts by going to manage domain names. Finally you have to go down to fill up the new registrant name. As a new owner, you have to confirm on your site.

You should know what to do while you go to the home page of registrar. There is no use in confusing the customer service representative. When you want to move a domain name registered with one registrar to another registrar you have to be extra careful in conducting the procedure. While changing registrar of record into domain name you have to initiate the transfer needs. You can move your domain to the gaining registrar company. For initiating the transfer, you can either go to website or call up the registrar. If you do not have an account, you can set up a new account in a few minutes. With a simple online procedure, registrars allow you to easily initiate the transfer. You have to simply log on to your account, click transfer domain, enter domain name and click OK. With this, the transfer process begins, and an email is sent by gaining registrar to admin contact for domain name in WHOIS database.

The email contains the link to be clicked and acceptance of domain transfer takes place. If the transfer is not accepted through the hyperlink by the admin contact, the gaining registrar will reject the transfer. The entire process may take just a week for you. In case the email address in WHOIS record of admin contact is not correct, you have to update them. The process depends on the information contained in database of the registrar. You have to take adequate steps to initiate the transfer before its expiry. When the transfer request is approved by admin contact, gaining registrar notifies the domain ID to the registry. The registry informs registrar about the continuance after checking status of domain. When you know the steps and remember key points, transferring your domain name becomes a very easy and smooth process.

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