Replace Apache with Nginx for WordPress top performance hosting

Apache is slow when serving thousands of concurrent requests from thousands of different IPs. It is very flexible, stable and offers many great features and has hundreds of modules, but it lacks performance. I am not saying it’s bad.

If you have a medium or large WordPress blog you know how hard is to keep the server up when there are hundreds of concurrent web visitors. The site starts crawling and sometimes you get errors. It’s time to replace Apache with Nginx for hosting static content directly (or even using Memcached to move dynamic content into the memory and serve it as a super-fast static content from there, but let’s discuss this method in the next upcoming articles). Nginx is very fast and offers exceptional speed and it doesn’t require top hardware. It’s lightweight and very flexible in configuration, for example, you can set-up rewrite rules and split requests to multiple back-end PHP servers and so on… It also has very good logging intervals and keeps logs into the memory and then writes to the log file in small batches – lowers IO operations. In other words – it’s the perfect alternative to Apache daemon.

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