Locking domain names to prevent domain theft

Is your domain really safe? If you are not prepared, there are a number of mistakes which can result in the loss of your domain.

As a web address proprietor, you had better be knowledgeable of how to protect yourself.

Make sure you keep track of your domain names & when they expire. Keep your contact details fully up to date.

Be aware who is listed in your domain contact information.

Be wary when using free e-mail addresses from services like G Mail or Yahoo mail Many free e-mail services will remove or suspend your e-mail account if you do not log in frequently enough. Any emails sent in the period that you are suspended will bounce and you will never receive them.

Always make sure you place a registrar lock on your domain. This allows you to lock your domain record at the registry level and prevent it from being transferred, modified or deleted by a third party. This change to your settings is vital and your domain company should be able to help with how to do this.

Remember that any email you receive could be spa, or phishing for your details. Make sure you don’t click on any links or reply to any domain related e-mail correspondence you do not recognize.

In addition to this be careful not to reply to any ‘official looking’ renewal notices you receive in the mail from companies you do not recognize.

Domain hijackers are ‘professionals’ and will often go to any lengths to get your domain name if they think it will be of benefit to them. If there is every doubt, immediately contact your original registrar to verify any suspicious messages.

To make sure that you do not miss any real emails you may have received from your registar, make sure your registrar’s domain name is added to your spam filter’s approved sender list.

To make sure that if there are any delays that your doman is not ever left unregistered – consider renewing your domain name early and for a longer amount of time. If your domain name is critical to your business and is one you will want for years to come, consider renewing your domain registration in five year increments.

All in all there are a small number of mistakes or over sights that could result in the loss of your domain name. Lucky there are just a few simple steps you can take to protect the domain name and make sure it stays yours.

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