A slap into the face – Vmware Vsphere 4 licensing

Very sad news on new Vmware Vsphere licensing.¬† Before version 4 Virtual infrastructure 3.5 one license was valid for 2 physical CPU server¬† now Vmware has announced that one license allows just one physical CPU. This means that the price increases a bit. The same applies to support…

Very sad – Vmware are getting more expensive and I think many companies will wait and see if they are going to slash prices or look elsewhere……

Update: June 14, 2009
Vmware has switched licensing model back to old 1 x 2 CPU license -> 2 x 1 CPU licenses. Great news…


  1. Bob Mim says:

    They have changed the licensing model… it’s 1x 2CPU 3.5 license -> 2 X 1 CPU 4 license.

  2. VPS says:

    VMware is the best solution for VDSs. So everyone should use it if they want to open a good vds server.

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