WordPress platform for your next online blog

Three years ago I was very skeptic about blogs. I didn’t enjoy reading blog posts, I usually went to other sites if I spot a blog. After some time, I don’t even remember when, but I published my first blog and from the very first day I started to like blog sites. Particularly, WordPress based blogs.

Nowadays, I suggest using WordPress platform for new blogs to my friends and other guys I know. Very stable, easy to set-up platform and very important – actively developed with thousands of pretty cool plugins. It’s free – pretty cool, eh?

I manage quite a few popular blogs for my friends and if the server(s) are correctly tuned, have medium resources, then WordPress platform can easily serve hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. As long as you use plugins that are coded with performance in mind you should have no problems.  Use WordPress – it’s a nice publishing tool for your next blog.


  1. Bob Mim says:

    Blogs are nice and easy publishing tool. Pretty easy to express your thoughts.

  2. yare says:

    It’s nice, I am using it for over 10 sites I own and very easy to publish

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