Server virtualization vs dedicated server

I would still love to see virtualized server in a high bandwidth environment hosting a large site with thousands of concurrent connections. I guess there is not much use for very large sites to use virtualization unless it provides advanced features like:

  • live migration
  • fail-over
  • snapshots
  • load balancing

However, virtualization software with the above features usually cost thousands of dollars and it’s out of reach for many folks that need to make some bucks from own sites and still survive occasional Digg or Yahoo frontpage landings. Dedicated servers offer 100% performance and doesn’t have any overhead… unless of course you run many servers and want to consolidate hardware.

If you have a small site or site that doesn’t generate normal income don’t worry about virtualization and high-availability ;) You can still do high-availability without virtualization. For much less, err…. almost for free – you just need to pay for the hardware and someone to set-up and run the server farm for you.

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