Free Xen VPS platform is good for Virtual Private Servers

Everyone is buzzing around virtualization and private servers these days. One of the most popular platform for server virtualization is XEN – it’ s very efficent, FREE, reliable and has a big community behind it. There are many folks that use it and even commercial providers use XEN in their commercial virtualization products. Xen is used as a base on Novell SLES XEN, Oracle VM, Citrix XenServer (they bought XEN actually), Virtual Iron it’ s been very stable and with high performance.

So if you want to test Windows or Linux distributive use Xen – it works on 32 or 64 bit platforms without any problems and the performance is very close to native OS performance running on a dedicated hardware.  Some people report performance gains when XEN is used to virtualize multiple OSes under one physical hardware. Anyway, we have been testing XEN and running it in web hosting environment and it’s really great. It’ s a real virtualization platform you can trust and use for production hosting environment.

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