Use memcached for WordPress performance

It’s good to cache dynamic content and read it fast from the memory when needed. This isĀ  why memcached caching system was founded. A pretty good, fast and easy to use memory based caching system – all data is stored in RAM, thus there are no more IO problems. Memory is cheap nowadays and you don’t need much to cache, for example, 10 last pages, frontpage, feed etc.

Memcached works like this – you set-up a key/value and use API to store it in memcached daemon. After, you can read it from the memcached daemon if you know the key. Pretty simple and blazing fast. You can even set-up expiry period when you do enter key and it’s value.

Memcached has pretty good and easy to learn API – it’s supported by Perl, PHP, Python, JAVA and other programming languages – see memcached API page.

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