FreeBSD or Linux OS for the hosting server

What OS is better FreeBSD or Linux for a hosting server?  There is no clear answer to this question so I guess stick with the OS you are more experienced. In long run it will pay off since you can manage it better and there is no need to test out things you don’t know and experience downtime in worst case.

I usually select Linux, Centos, Fedora or RedHat Enterprise – I am more comfortable with this OS and update process is quick and easy. Anyway, if you are a pro in FreeBSD there is no need for you to go Linux – FreeBSD is powerful and high-performance OS you can count on. If you are more experienced with Linux – go with Linux. Both Linux and FreeBSD is a nice OS for a hosting server.


  1. Raja says:

    I was under the impression that Free BSD is a variant of linux. I may be wrong though.

    I would think any platform of –nux is the same as long as you are comfortable with working in shell.

    I think platform choice should be based on their comfortably with tar/Make and RPM.

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