Forget LAMP use LNMP

Welcome folks. We have quite a few posts and praisings for LAMP architecture, but from now on there is a clear and better alternative – LNMP.

LNMP stands for Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP.

This is clearly the winner because of it’s performance and reliability you can count on.  Bundle the front-end Nginx web server with Memcached and you can serve millions of daily hits with easy on a simple commodity software. Stay tunned for more news!

Ps. for folks that still use LAMP – don’t panic, we suggest using LAMP as well, but for best performance just swap Apache with Nginx and voila !


  1. mike says:

    +1 for nginx
    don’t forget to use php-fpm, too.

  2. Mark says:

    Nice advice! We already use it and our site performs the best!
    By the way – nice blog!

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