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One of our readers pointed at using php-fpm for PHP script processing. I spoke with my colleagues and we finally agreed that we will do php-fpm testing and in case the performance is really significant – probably start using it in production environments.

We will set-up two test environments:

First one will be Apache + php-fpm

and secondary test environment:

nginx + php-fpm

I read the features of php-fpm, it’s architecture and I believe the performance will be very much improved comparing to mod_php and the like. As long as your server supports FastCGI, php-fpm should be working without any problems. We will post results very shortly. Keep it cool! :)

Ps. almost forgot posting php-fpm URL..


  1. Kai says:

    php-fpm provides VERY GOOD performance…

  2. Mark says:

    Any benchmarks available yet?
    Very nice blog and advice from you guys all the time !

  3. Usu says:

    I’m looking forward to see the benchmark :)

  4. mr. green says:

    Are you done with this benchmark ?
    I’d like to see some Apache vs Nginx comparison, both with php-fpm. :p

  5. Vito Botta says:


    Apart from the benchmarks, surely interesting, I’d like to know whether you are successfully using nginx+php-fpm somewhere (I see this blog runs on Apache), or whether you too, like me, are having issues with this combination.
    nginx+php-fpm seems extremely fast to me, but after a while the application has been in idle (no traffic), all the php-cgi processes die so I get “502/bad gateway” errors from nginx and have to manually “php-fpm start” to get things working again…
    Does anybody have any ideas?

  6. SiteAdmin says:

    Sorry, been working a lot lately – doing some construction work and have to spend much less time working on performance tests. I hope we will do some tests in a month or two. Please stay tunned!

  7. pulponair says:

    Any news on this?

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