How good is Cpanel for multiple domain name hosting

A few years ago when people ran LAMP servers without control panel software it was somewhat hard to configure new web sites from the shell. Nowadays, over 95% of hosting companies use commercial control panel software or have their own control panel software to configure new domains and edit existing account settings.

Trust me, Cpanel is going strong with a really large market share and it’s quite good for hosting multiple domain names. You have multiple choices:

1. Add-on domains
You have a main site account and you can add on domains that will reside under your homedir as a new folder however it also works with own domain name.

2. Reseller account
Create new account per domain and there you go. The best option of course and best recommended.

3. Normal account per web site
If you have a dedicated server running Cpanel you create new account per site as you would with a full reseller account.

With Cpanel hosting multiple domain names is easy.

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