Boosting your wordpress blog performance with eAccelerator Object Cache

We have been testing out many WordPress plugins and solutions for WordPress blog hosting. To our surprise there are still many great plugins out there that can easily boost your WordPress powered blog and lower the hosting expenses. Why pay more for expensive hardware upgrades if you can increase the performance of the current server?

Let’s look at eAccelerator WordPress Object Cache plugin that will boost your WordPress¬† blog performance if you are running it on a dedicated server platform and have full access to server config. This plugin requires that you have access to server and configure eAccelerator as well as set-up /tmp directory so that eAccelerator can use it to store it’s cache.

Remember that for many blogs this plugin will not provide much performance boost and may even slow down your blog. In our tests this plugin had a real performance boost (over 200%) for our test blog when one page was accessed multiple times, e.g. in Digg frontpage landing or the blog index page.

If you have a large blog with multiple pages you may experience some slow downs and higher load when search engine bots are indexing your site. If you have a lot of organic search engine traffic your visitors may experience slow downs when particular page is accessed only once.

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