WP Super Cache plugin for best performance

Installing WP Super cache plugin is a must if you are serious about your blog performance and availability under high peak time traffic. When correctly configured and set-up this plugin will save your site if it’s get slammed with hundreds of requests per second due to Digg frontpage or even if your site becomes on Yahoo! Frontpage with thousands of requests per second.

We have seen this happening with our clients and with proper tuning and performance set-up it’s quite do able. Of course we are not speaking here about old Celeron 256MB desktop serving 200,000 pageviews in 2 to 4 hours with over million of hits (including static and dynamic content), but a medium powered server with 1 GB of RAM and P4+ processor tuned to withstand Digg or SlashDot effect. Please keep in mind that network stack, OS, web server, PHP and blog software in our case WordPress must be configured with performance in mind.

The typical high-performance WordPress set-up must include front-end proxy or load balancing device, preferable that can cache or at least do custom URL rewrites to back end servers running for example Apache. The static content can be served directly without Apache help – we all know how big resource hog the Apache is. Anyway, this is just an introduction article to WordPress performance, I would say. Stay tuned for more detailed posts and howto articles soon available on our web site.

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