Setting up your first WordPress blog

Setting up a WordPress blog has become a day dream for most of the internet user who desire for making good deal of money through advertising campaign. Before some days, most of the people where not actually familiar with WordPress and they never had much idea about it. Now, with the advancement and progress, money making blogs have become incredibly popular and WordPress get into the top list. The bustling topic of today’s market is that, How to set up my first WordPress blog? Here are some simple and effective tips that will make help you much better to set up your first word press blog.

If you are curious in writing articles and post, you can better buy your personal domain and install WordPress. Further you can add plugins and themes of course. Setting your WordPress blog is quite simple and it could be achieved in 3 simple steps!

How to choose the best domain name?

Selecting a domain name will involve quite several factors. Primarily you must consider the major objective of your blog and think what your site is going to focus on? Is your site is designed with the objective of generating money through social blogging or it is about to generate revenue about specific post? The difference in setting up the WordPress blog will have good volume of variation and ensure to get into a closer observation while choosing the domain for your WordPress blog.


The next important line of work that should be considered is “Branding”. It is good to pick a domain name that ultimately works online, better pick a domain that is closely memorable. This is a simple and effective way to make good deal of profit, particularly through WordPress blogging.

Keyword Rich Domains:

Wow! This is one of the most important factors that you must consider while setting up a wordpress blog. Purchase a domain that is keyword rich, so that you will have more web visitors in long run and easier branding. Ranking and positioning are solely dependent on keywords and never miss to focus on these.


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