Zen Gardening – Desktop Style

Acquiring wealth can sometimes be stressful. (It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it, right?) There are many ways to relieve stress. There are breathing exercises and squeeze balls and meditation techniques. But, have you ever though about playing in the sand… zen garden sand, that is.

Zen gardens originated in Japan, many MANY years ago. They have done an adequate job of relieving stress, all through the ages.

Making a desktop zen garden is very easy. In fact, only four things are needed. These four things are a tray, playground sand, small rocks and a miniature rake or small stick. No pail and shovel required.

The tray you choose should be shallow and compact enough to fit nicely on your desk. (A wooden serving tray is an excellent choice.)

Fill tray with sand, ½ inch to the top. Playground or sandbox sand is best because it has been filtered and contains no foreign debris. You can also use ‘sand art’ sand. It is available in a variety of colors. Choose different colors to correspond with different moods.

Adding the rocks, symbolize mountains. The sand symbolizes water.

Whenever you are feeling stressed, play in your garden. Re-arrange the rocks or use the stick as a pencil, of sorts. It’s always fun to write in the sand.

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