Why LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) is the best

With more and more complicated sites coming to the internet, you can create functional and attractive websites. When you receive proposals from your developer, you can choose LAMP which is the best technology available today. Today internet has large number of opportunities for creation and management of a website. Now you can build a website absolutely free and open source with Linux Apache MySQL PHP, popularly known and abbreviated as LAMP, a powerful and common bundle of technology components.

The combined components of LAMP viz., Linux is a very popular operating system; Apache is a web server, MySQL is a database and PHP is a scripting language. Choosing LAMP is the best way for you to gain complete control and power over your web site. You can get started with the free scripts, examples etc., which are available on the web site, by taking help of tools and free editors. A web hosting company can make a good profit margin with less cost involved in it since LAMP is absolutely open sourced. Now you have got a big choice before you to choose from a large number of web hosting providers.

As there are good improvements in the installers for LAMP components, you can install them without difficulty. When you are able to debug, you can use PHP debuggers to write perfect code. LAMP is very strong in its performance, security and reliability and is considered to be the best architecture to serve the web pages. LAMP will function as an excellent platform for your web development needs. You will benefit from the major advantages of LAMP which are open source, ‘geeky’ community supported and also of low cost compared to other technologies. PHP has a simple web integration and Apache is known for its security features. With LAMP you can run a dynamic server as well as website. With this combined LAMP technology you can establish a good software distribution package. You can acquire the components at a very low acquisition cost. LAMP allows you to use the web browser to execute program and receive static and dynamic content.

By using the scripting languages, you have got the benefit of efficient and easy manipulation of various text streams. You can use the bundle software LAMP as a best alternative solution to a commercial package. The popularity of LAMP is on the increase as it is available as free software.


  1. mike says:

    nginx is infinitely better than apache.

    freebsd is pretty good too.

    also solaris has been picking up in the mysql/web space too, some large sites have scaled well with it…

    i haven’t used apache for years, so i haven’t been doing the “A” in forever :)

  2. guillermo says:

    I think saying one thing is the better (LAMP in this case), is like saying all you need is “fish and chips”, sure you can live with that but………

  3. Mark says:

    LNMP all the way!

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