The first rules of cold calling

Chances are, no matter what type of business you are running or involved with, it would benefit by cold calling. Cold calling is a method of marketing, which has been practiced successfully, for many years. It is the act of contacting someone that you’ve never spoken with before, an effort to gain their business.

Currently, most cold calling is done by telephone. However, there are still individuals who make their sales calls going door to door.

Telephone cold calling is more challenging today, because of the National Do Not Call Registry. Consumers, who have opted to add their telephone numbers to this list, cannot be contacted by any solicitor. Solicitors, disobeying this rule are subject to large fines.

Some business owners, who begin a cold calling campaign, go about things the wrong way. The main purpose of a cold call to set an in-person appointment to make a sale, the objective is NOT to make a sale over the phone.

The first thing that should be done, prior to any calls, is market research. Finding out all that you can about your target group can make or break a campaign. As the saying goes, ‘knowledge is power’. It certainly holds true in this case.

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