Centos, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Suse or Fedora

Many folks ask us what is the best platform/OS for web hosting platform? Is it Centos, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Suse or Fedora. While, Centos, FreeBSD, Fedora is more common in USA, SUSE beats deployment statistics in Europe – Germany. Finding Suse and Gento from USA dedicated server companies is somewhat tricky. I am of course not speaking about virtual private servers.

I don’t like much Fedora either because of quick end-of-life (EOF) for updates and upgrading usually costs money, requires downtime and somewhat complex for novice users. So we have rounded down to Centos Linux or FreeBSD. Very good, let’s continue.

FreeBSD is powerful BSD oriented operating system, very reliable, secure (of course if you update it as all other OS) and scalable. Centos is a Redhat Enterprise whitebox clone that is reliable and easy to keep updated due to YUM interface. Much longer EOF comparing to Fedora makes it a much better choice.

While I am more oriented towards Linux – Centos would be my choice of the best OS from the list above, however if you are BSD savvy user – more Unix oriented, go for FreeBSD – it’s powerful, IO-fast, high performance box you could count on.

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