WordPress Magnet

If you are looking for a great way to encourage more people to leave comments, on your blog, there is a relatively new WordPress plug-in that will do just that. The idea behind it is actually quite ingenious.

Comments are very important to the popularity of any blog, regardless of the niche. Without visitor interaction your blog is destined to remain ‘the new kid on the block’. Unfortunately, that is almost a fate worse than death.

WordPress Magnet encourages visitors to leave interesting comments, relative to the subject matter, by offering something in return. This ‘something’ is whatever you decide on. It can be a free eBook, report or newsletter. It might even be a discount on your product or service. It’s really up to you.

This plug-in can be used on all of your WordPress blogs and is very easy to install and set up. There is a small charge for it, but it is WELL WORTH the investment.

In the event you are dissatisfied with the results, WordPress Magnet comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. (No questions asked!)

Since almost everyone loves to get something for free, this is truly a unique idea. What have you got to lose? Consider the use of WordPress Magnet, today!

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