Is a small business right for you?

I think just about everyone, at one point in their life, dreams about starting their own small business. If you are reading this post, chances are you have had those dreams, as well.

If so, there are many things you need to consider before making this life changing decision. In truth, starting a small business of any kind takes hard work, determination and start-up funds… and that is only the beginning.

Typically it takes several years for the average small business to show a profit. Because of this fact, you can’t depend on any fledgling business to generate the money you will need to cover your living expenses, even the most basic ones.

Chances are you will have to keep your ‘day job’, in order to survive. This means you will probably be working 60-70 hours, per week.

On a more positive note, once your business begins to take off and you start to see a profit, there is no better feeling in the world! You will have accomplished a feat that is unobtainable to many.

There are countless resources, on the Internet that can assist you in finding the right small business for you. By taking the time to put together a reasonable plan, you will have taken your first step toward success.

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