.info Domains

I recently bought twenty .info domain names with the intent of setting up my own groovy blog network. Yes, you guessed it; I want to be a big Internet blog mogul some day.

I was very happy with my purchase, as my total investment was less than $25. ‘What a bargain’, I though to myself. That is until a friend of mine decided it was time to burst my bubble.

It seems that many people, my friend included, look at .info domains as an inferior species. They feel that no matter how well they are developed and how much they are promoted, they will never amount to much.

As the owner of all of these brand-new, eagerly awaiting to be developed, domains I am hoping beyond all hope that it just isn’t so.

I realize that I will be missing out on some traffic, because I’m not a .com. The person that types in the URL abc12345678910.com will probably not try abc12345678910.info, as well. But, that is something that I’m willing to live with.

Personally, I think a website is successful because of how it is marketed not because it has the distinction of being a .com. Here’s hoping I’m right!


  1. Scott Brooks says:

    I have owned several .info domains and honestly have not noticed any difference in search engine rankings. Also, people who search for information could care less about whether a domain is a .com or .info. As long as the content is quality, it doesn’t matter much.

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