Work Smart and Hard to Avoid Procrastination

Once you have confronted your demons and come to terms with the reasons why you procrastinate, you are ready to begin to avoid it altogether. This involves establishing habits that allow you to work hard and smart. Basically it draws upon your organizational skills and your ability to create and maintain a positive attitude.

You will go a long way to avoiding procrastination and begin enjoying your work if you stop dreading it. Look at the positive aspects, or at least try to. If you are faced with a task you truly hate, find some way to treat yourself once it is done. Just getting started may bring the entire task into perspective.

Help change your attitude by asking your friends for help. Seek support, even ask friends to keep you company while your work. They can be involved in work of their own or reading a book, but they are present and this is a great boost. Remember how effective study dates were? Reducing the isolation you feel when you are at work will help keep you on track and happier.

Approach the easiest part of a project first, so that you have some positive results to build upon. Do not start, ever, with the part that you expect to give you the most trouble. Work in small segments and set manageable goals. This will keep your energy and momentum intact. By the same token, when you are in the midst of a project and get stuck, keep going. Of course, you don’t have the perfect solution yet, but play at hypothesizing how you can resolve the matter. Make mental lists of the issues and how you can solve them. Just keep focused on the project and maintain momentum. Do anything to avoid coming to a complete stop, which will open the door to procrastination.

Set deadlines and reward yourself when you meet them. Remaining positive about the project and in an energized frame of mind is all-important. Every small deadline met reduces the enormity of the project and gives a small boost. Build on small victories. Procrastination feeds upon anticipating big failure. Announce your deadlines, maybe not to your boss, but to your husband or friends. This pressure to account for your progress may be enough to keep you on track.

Prepare a workspace that has all your tools available and in keep it in good working condition. Try to make it a personal space that will allow you to leave your work out, knowing that it will be untouched, and be ready for you to resume. Packing away your taxes at the end of the evening ensures that you will have to unpack them and find your place in the morning, inviting procrastination. Just don’t leave your taxes on the dining room table where the kids will be doing their math homework. “That way Madness lies.”

Begin working at reasonable times. It may seem admirable to start a project in the evening, but if it is late and you are tired you may accomplish little and end up deflating your motivation. Schedule work hours for when you are at a peak of natural energy. Remember that constructing and maintaining smart work habits revolves around keeping a positive frame of mind.

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