VMware is a good choice for test environments

Sorry for being a bit lazy and non posting lately. It’s beenĀ  busy time for me and finally I thought I should follow up and post something useful.

I joined another company that uses Vmware for all test environments, including Linux and Windows OS. It’s pretty neat virtualization software – you can install new nodes without sitting near the console in a cold data center room and it fully supports Windows 2003 and Windows XP. We have been running Suse Enterprise versions on it using Oracle DB and so far so good.

The only drawback of using virtual private servers is the low performance on the IO – we have been using SCSI disks some in RAID 10 configuration but it still much lower than for a dedicated box. However, as I previously noted vmware is great FREE software that you can run for almost any test environment or even a small secondary daemons – SMTP or DNS, for example. Stay tunned for more news!

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