SRW2008 Fatal Error problem

Exit from boot menu. Continue with flow.
Preparing to decompress…
Decompressing SW from flash

Running from RAM…

*** Running SW Ver. 1.0.3 Date 29-Mar-2007 Time 10:49:18 ***

HW version is 00.03.00
Base Mac address is: 00:1d:7e:7a:2a:81
Dram size is : 32M bytes
Dram first block size is : 17152K bytes
Dram first PTR is : 0xF40000
Flash size is: 8M
01-Jan-2000 01:01:05 %CDB-I-LOADCONFIG: Loading startup configuration.
Device configuration:
PCB revision: 1
Slot 1 – SRW2008 HW Rev. 0.1
Tapi Version: v1.3.3.1
Core Version: v1.3.3.1
01-Jan-2000 01:01:17 %OS-A-MEMORY: Main System Memory Pool Overflow
01-Jan-2000 01:01:17 %ERHG-E-SEND: return to the DEFAULT sizes of TABLEs
01-Jan-2000 01:01:17 %ERHG-E-SEND: RSP_INIT: Fatal Error

***************** SYSTEM RESET *****************

Some users may be getting the above error message with Linksys SRW2008 Gigabit switch.

To fix this error you should delete the config file. Hit the Escape key when the following is displayed on the switch console:

Autoboot in 2 seconds – press RETURN or Esc. to abort and enter prom.

when the system boots up and then Chose Delete File option. After enter the filename:


and hit enter. Reboot the switch and switch should be set to all defaults.

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