WordPress CSS include optimization

Who does run WordPress without a single plug-in? Not many, I guess. If you run a popular blog using a few plug-ins, it’s time for quick CSS file optimization.

To speed up the blog loading time a little, you should serve less hits – this provides lower latency and server network stack usage. You should found out any plug-ins of your blog use their own CSS files. If plug-ins have their own style sheet that it is loaded in every page for web visitors, you should consider moving CSS definitions to your main style sheet.

Remember, even the smallest performance boost does pay back in long run. Imagine, if you are serving 10 million hits daily where 100,000 extra hits will be due to of plug-in CSS, those can be easily merged with your main CSS file.


  1. Kevin says:

    Don’t forget to use mod_expires or mod_headers and set expire field in the HTTP header. Will save on bandwidth fees and your web site will be faster as well.


  2. Bob says:

    Sure it will speed up file (CSS) delivery. The less files the better!

  3. Yea sure it does, like at keralaonline.com we have tried all sort of boostings, but still the first page fresh load takes about 2 min. Now this one seems to be a real matter, will see to this at the earliest and get back here.

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