Caching content to disk using Tugela cache

Today many folks use memcached for fast memory data access because RAM is cheap. However, for some heavyweight websites, 16GB of RAM or even 32GB is not enough, and keeping a lot of data in the RAM becomes expensive. It’s time to cache your content and data to hard disk using Tugela cache a “clone” derived from memcached. It will cache data in BerkeleyDB B-Tree database on the file system. Tugela cache is fast and compatible with memcached APIs; it will be a smooth transition to Tugela cache if you are already taking advantage of memcached.

Remember, it’s always better to run a few small inexpensive boxes rather than a big “monster.” You can always buy 5 boxes with 4GB RAM each for dedicated memcached servers. This will make a total of about 20GB for data caching. It will also provide redundancy, but may also add problems with keeping the state, unless you do memcached sharding and applications can determine where to fetch the data.

Scaling your all servers and services vertically is the KEY.

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