Self hypnosis for more success

Unfortunately, most of us are already masters of self-hypnosis. How many times a day do we mutter to ourselves, “That was stupid” or I’ cant believe you made such a mistake” or “now look what you’ve done”? These are all ways of giving us feedback that reinforces our behavior, which is a good working definition of self-hypnosis. However, we currently use this technique routinely to reproach ourselves. Little wonder mistakes are made.

It is time to use this technique to reinforce the positive elements that we need to incorporate into out daily lives to improve ourselves. Many individuals believe that there are several parts to each of us, both negative and positive. Self-hypnosis strives to integrate these different elements into a cohesive unit that pulls together as a team to affect change and action. Our cognitive brain controls our daily life and the tasks at hand, but when it comes to action, roadblocks are often throw up by the somatic, or dormant self, which isn’t really sure what it wants. It is necessary to reduce the differences between the cognitive self and the somatic self and its inhibiting activity. There is a deeper wisdom to this inhibition process, and it is quite important to honor this wisdom. Find a way of presenting information and possible changes to your somatic self, that your somatic self finds safe, and doable.

Self hypnosis relies upon the repetition of information to the somatic self that lets it relax its hold on our ability to act. In a way, hypnosis is the repetition of feedback that keeps assuring the somatic self that is safe to continue. As the technique progressed the resistance is overcome and both elements of ourselves work in tandem, which uses far less energy that the internal opposition did, to accomplish a goal.

The techniques used for self-hypnosis first involve clearing and calming the mind by deep breathing. Use this period of calm to review yourself and accepts the traits you see. Visualize the results that you want to achieve and become comfortable with all aspects of them. Let the elements of yourself discuss these goals and listen to the objections and reasons behind them. Continue to give positive feedback regarding your striving toward these goals, but do not judge the elements that are resisting. Simply accept the matters that are at odds without trying to force your cognitive desires over the other.

Change will happen when the conflict is resolved and when it is ready to come. You are creating a powerful positive feedback loop and you will be surprised one day when your energies become united to the task. Have you ever marveled at some who was stuck in their ways for years who suddenly made a great change in their lives? They usually report that the time came when they just had to do something. More likely they came to a point where their energies coalesced and allowed the individual to not only see what had to be done but had the coordinated responses to allow it to be done.

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