What is a Seo web hosting

Lately, I have seen quite a few offers in shared hosting field named seo hosting. I was wondering what is all about and quickly learned the following:

Seo web hosting is a hosting service that is created for search engine optimization hosting (SEO). It is usually a standard shared account with ability to select different C address block IP addresses so that you can do some Grey-hat interlinking between your own sites, for example. It’s been known that if you are linking multiple sites on the same C address block (255 IPs, for example 10.10.10.*) there is not a big link weight passed to the site you are linking. That is why many companies offer shared hosting with different C address blocks.

Not all SEO hosting companies offer different dedicated IPs from multiple C-blocks, some just offer dedicated IP addresses for your own sites as well as different DNS servers you can mix and match. This niche is very specified and only experienced hosts are doing it.

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