Additional bandwidth rates for dedicated server providers

Nowadays there are many providers offering unmanaged dedicated servers with 1000’s GBs of data transfer, but not many say what bandwidth measurement system they have in place.

Over 80% providers use 95% industry burstable bandwidth method that usually not work for all web sites. 95% method is where top 5% burst rate bandwidth are cut off from your monthly bandwidth (usually MRTG) bill. This may sound fine at the beginning but if your web site bursts for more than 36 hours then you will pay for the bandwidth you actually didn’t use. However, 95% method is good when you have a short burst of bandwidth, for example, 25 hours of using full 100Mbps assuming top 5% is removed from the port readings and not counted towards your monthly bandwidth usage. 95% method also counts the highest traffic in or out, but doesn’t not sum it up.

Actual bandwidth method counts all bytes coming in and going out to the switch port your server is connected. Works very well – you pay for the bandwidth you actually use. No more, no less.

So always remember to ask your dedicated server provider what bandwidth method they are using to monitor your bandwidth usage and how much additional transfer will cost.

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