Flash streaming is the best format for short video distribution

Flash Player from Adobe Systems is a multimedia and applications player, designed and distributed by them. SWF files created by Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash authoring tool or a host of Adobe Systems and other party tools. To display Flash Video from SWF files, it supports Action Script, a programming language. Flash video can be embedded on web pages and videos can be viewed on a web page because Flash Player runs as a browser plug-in – it is one of the best methods of streaming video. So, many of the best names have gone on to use Flash Player.

It is a file format used on the Internet to deliver video using Adobe Flash Player. The Flash Player format is used popularly by Google Video, You Tube, My Space, Yahoo! Video and Reuters.com. As of now, even the world famous news channel has incorporated .flv format based media in their news portal.

You can use Flash Video in most of the operating systems. It is supported by most web browser plug-in, third party programs such as VLC Media Player, Mplayer or any player using Direct Show Filters like Windows Media Player, Windows Media Centre and Media Player Classic, when ffd show filter has been installed, and of course Adobe Flash Player.

Video Format:
Bit streams that are a variant of H.263 video standard, commonly known as Sorenson Park, comprise the Flash Video files. Playback of On2 TrueMotion VP6 video streams is supported Flash Player 8 and newer versions. You can figure out the improvement if you know that On2 TrueMotion VP6 video streams offer a higher visual quality for smaller bit rates than Sorenson Park. However, the computational complexities do not allow it to run on older configurations. The Flash Player supports two versions of a “screenshare” codec, an enclosing format that is designed keeping screen casts. These formats, however, are flossy, decreasing the colour depth as they use bitmap tile base. They further are compressed using zlib. The newer option is available only to users of Flash 8.0 version or newer.

Audio Format:
MP3 is the general encoding for the Audio in Flash Player. However, proprietary Nellymoser Codec is used when the audio is recorded in Flash from the user’s microphone. No open source program, till date, can decode the Nellymoser Codec. ADPCM format audio and the uncompressed ones are also supported by FLV files.

Delivery Options:

  • They can be delivered using .FLV format to allow the availability of conversion facilities to a local storage such as a CD or a hard disk.
  • It can also be delivered in a SWF format as an embedded object though the whole playback needs to be transformed in that format.
  • Progressive download using a HTTP format is also available. The advantages include buffering, use of generic HTTP servers, and reusing a single SWF player for Multiple Flash Video sources.
  • Streaming through RTSP to the Flash Player using the Flash Media server or open source servers like Red5 and others like VCS can also be done.

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