Types of Mnemonics

Did you know that there are certain things you can do to improve the way that you learn certain objectives? Many types of mnemonics exist in the world today, however which type of mnemonics that works best is limited by the imagination of each individual learner. Mnemonics are learning or memory techniques that help an individual recall larger piece of information that they need to learn this is especially used when it comes to forms of lists like characteristics of a certain item, steps that a person may have to take to complete something, stages that are involved in a project, parts of the body or other forms, and phases that occur during a process.

There are nine basic types of mnemonics that an individual can use in order to find out what their individual needs are, an individual must find out which particular mnemonic works for them. Many people respond better to different types of learning techniques that is why it is important to do a little research and see what your individual learning skills are.

The model mnemonic is a kind of representation that is built or made to help in the aid of understanding certain material and being able to recall the information that is important. A model could be something as simple as a floor plan that architects used before they start to build a structure. In order to complete the process right, the architects must know the full picture of what they are looking at in order to complete the project.

The rhyme or ode mnemonic is when an individual inserts the information that needs to be learned in the shape of a poem that makes learning something like the alphabets easier. An individual may find that it is easier to recall the alphabets if they are recited in the form of a poem that they can recite every time that they need to recall the alphabet.

A note organization mnemonic is the common way that the textbooks and professors lecture notes that are used in schools and colleges are prepared and organized that can bring on learning and the ability to recall or promote an individuals learning. It is actually a memory device based on the sense that the organization of the notes or lectures can promote recall. There are three common ways that you can use this particular technique, you can use it in the form of note cards, outlines and the system known as the Cornell System.

Imagine mnemonics are arranged in the shape of a picture that in return inhibits the recall of certain information when an individual needs it. Don’t worry there is no need for an individual to be an artist in order to participate in this technique because as long as that certain individual knows what the picture means that is all that matters.

Connection mnemonics is when certain information that needs to be remembered is connected to something that already is a known fact. The last of the nine mnemonics is the spelling mnemonics, which is when an individual uses spelling as a way of reciting certain information that the individual has learnt.


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