Personal development and growth

Personal development and growth is probably, aside from diets, the most written about topic you will find today. There are nearly limitless articles and books, self help tapes and CDs that all target our innate desire to change in ways we perceive as “better”. Most self-help projects today are scams try to convince u of the limitless riches we can attain if we unlock out personal powers. This usually involves buying something and the only thing here growing is the huckster’s bank account. Others offer self-assessment guides to determine just what about ourselves is wrong and needs improvement. These skirts are the true issues surrounding personal development and personal growth.

Personal development and personal growth are concepts that take into account the realistic fact that life changes as we live it and we must both grow and change to be equal to the challenges. As we leave adolescence behind and become adults, we are expected to be able to build our own lives and to weave a fabric of living that will expand with the changes we encounter. We may do this by choosing to develop a productive career or to have a family or by a combination of both, but it is generally not acceptable to not develop a path in life. The steps taken toward achieving these goals often force changes on us, and require that we grow and develop more skills to deal with them. This is the philosophy behind self-help.

Many people have come up with exercises and tips that have been useful to them, and will allow individuals to understand and to meet the various stages of his or her life. Some even prepare us in advance for these milestones, such as childbirth, marriage, and developing a career. Another form of serious self help, often takes the form of counseling or support groups, and targets those who have fallen behind in these stages or who left the loop entirely, such as alcoholics and drug addicts. These support groups often stress the stages of life, and recommend that the participant take a virtual journey through them to recreate where and how they began to falter. The next step is to try to reintegrate the addict into life at an appropriate stage.

One important aspect of growth and personal development is to clearly see what you want and expect from life. It is important to make these goals, even though they often change throughout the course of life, with and without out intentions. These goals are often enough for some lucky people to steer a steady course.

However many of us need more at some point. Growth and development programs and philosophies that enable us to focus on the positive aspects in out lives and formulate a positive and productive attitude are strong empowering elements. An optimistic attitude has been shown to be beneficial to all areas of life, from achieving success to fighting termini illness. It is often noted that optimists often fail more frequently in life that those with a more negative attitude, they just don’t incorporate the failure into their self-image, which continues to shine brightly. Doctors repeatedly cite the better prognosis that patients who remain optimistic about their treatment often enjoy. The power of positive thinking is no myth, and those programs and books that keep us in touch with this concept are valid tools for personal growth and development.

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