Personal skill development

Personal skill development is important at every level of your career and your personal life as well. Today’s work forum is constantly changing. To stay with the current trends and growth areas, you must have a realistic appreciation of your current personal skills, improve upon those that are the highest demand and at the same time learn new skills. Those who are the most successful have learned how to get and use skills on new demands. These are the people who will journey the farthest.

Don’t sit back and wait, hoping that a change will fall in your lap. Take an inventory of your current personal and professional skills and determine which of those skills will be needed to be competitive in the fields you are interested in. You are the one who must make the determination not only what skills you have, but what skills you don’t have and could acquire. Finally, you must have the determination to take the first steps to acquire those skills.

Once you’ve determined which skills you need to move yourself along the personal development path you’ve chosen, you can determine the various options open to acquire those skills.

One way to acquire new skills is to start or continue in your formal education. Even if you must continue in a job at the same time as you complete your schooling, there are many study programs which allow you to study online, to study at special seminars and camps, to study through distance learning, or to have weekend or evening class schedules. Some employers are willing to subsidize continuing education credits, provide tuition assistance or even work-study programs or internships.

You can also approach your employer directly about the possibility of additional seminars, conference or special educational courses which might be offered. If your employer is amenable to the idea, you might even map out with them a two or three year plan which will allow you to reach your goals and will provide the employer with something of value as well. You, as a highly trained employee with a strong loyalty factor to the company are a strong resource for the future.

Continue to take classes that interest you as well as those that put you on your chosen career path. Not only does learning new things strengthen and exercise the mind, it might provide you with new directions you want to explore or add richness to your existing path viagra over the counter.

You can develop your personal skills inventory by apprenticing yourself to a master. This can be either on a formal or informal basis. Make sure that it is clearly understood on both sides what is expected. You want to learn a new skill, but what will the master receive?

You may barter with someone to learn a personal skill. This is a situation like “I’ll teach you how to bake bread if you teach me how to quilt.” It’s a skill building method that benefits both parties, if both can come to an agreement as to what is to be exchanged.

Teaching yourself works very well for some people, although it requires much more self-discipline than some of the other methods. You can read books, journals and Internet informational sites; you can watch how-to videos or motivational seminar tapings. You can even get some experience by volunteering selectively.

All of these learning methods make your personal skills inventory shine.


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