Positive attitude will help you

When one is the depths of depression it is sometimes difficult to imagine you could feel any better. Your brain becomes conditioned to think thoughts like, “It doesn’t matter anyway” “Nobody cares how I feel” or “I’ll never be able to get this right”. Of course, on one level, this is all true. In the large scheme of things it probably doesn’t matter; people tend to care only about that they personally think and feel and you probably can’t if you think you can’t. Yet, a positive attitude is not about pretending a rosy future for yourself. It’s about living and enjoying life in the present.

If you allow yourself to think only of the negative and stressful aspects of life, your brain actually releases stress hormones into the bloodstream. If this is an infrequent occurrence, it’s normal and natural. But, if your body is trying to deal with a constant deluge of hormones telling it to get ready to run or fight, the heart will be affected. One of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease is constant or frequent stressful conditions.

Developing a positive mental attitude can be considered as a series of small steps toward a much happier and fulfilling lifestyle. Practice replacing negative thoughts and statements with positive ones. You can do this either by writing them down or by rephrasing them verbally. In other words, if you catch yourself thinking “I can’t get all this done by tonight” write down the negative words on the left column of a piece of paper, then on the right column write the words. “I can get quite a bit of this finished by tonight.” Then, cross out the negative thought. You may even want to black it out so you can no longer see the negative words. The final step is to say the positive words aloud.

By doing these steps repeatedly you are creating a new habit, one which looks on the positive side rather than the negative side.

If you want to brighten up your attitude, do something simple that you have enjoyed in the past. Take a child to the playground and it will recreate the delight you had in playing on the slide or monkey-bars. Ask an elderly friend or family member to tell you a story about their childhood. Listening to the story will give pleasure to both the listener and the storyteller.

Another way to find the positive is to laugh. Read a funny story, tell a joke or share a silly song with someone. Teach a child how to skip or turn a somersault. It’s a proven fact that laughing releases good hormones into the bloodstream in the same way that constant stress hormones hurt you.

You can also develop your positive attitude by helping someone else. There is always someone who is worse off than you, whether it’s financially, emotionally or physically. Even a helping hand to assist sick friend get a needed prescription will make you feel better about what you’ve accomplished.

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