What is Wisdom?

There are so many definitions of Wisdom. It is the practical application of knowledge and skills. Wisdom is often associated with maturity and experience. But some people even those who are young can exhibit wisdom. Often people who exhibit sensibility and fairness are called wise. Their decisions are strategic and beneficial and are well thought out.

Wisdom is a mix of insight, common sense and experience and results to sound judgment. Wisdom is spontaneous and is not created. It may be developed but it cannot be taught or passed on to others. Wisdom is developed through the gaining of knowledge and experience but in the end, when a person lacks one aspect like common sense, then he will not necessarily develop wisdom. Wisdom is sometimes referred to as enlightenment or the capacity to understand natural laws and processes and be able to apply them in practical means. It is the ability to discern truth and exercise good judgment.

Wisdom has many definitions because it is a virtue that is recognized in many fields or aspects of human life. There are religious definitions of wisdom as well as psychological and philosophical. In religious terms, wisdom is the virtue by which a person can discern the truth and the good from the evil. In Christianity, the story of King Solomon who is considered a wise king, tells the story of justice and good judgment. Wisdom is also exhibited by rightful conduct and good morals in religious terms. It means that the person is both prudent and morally upright and he is able to uphold widely held values.

In any case, wise people have a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of life and understand the science of cause and effect. They are self-aware and understand the ripple or butterfly effect. This is the reason they exercise good judgment, they know that even the smallest action a person makes can change the course of the universe, just like dropping a stone in the water will cause ripples to appear, affecting almost the whole surface of the water. One simple decision can change a person’s life forever and people who have wisdom can make decisions that are fair and beneficial to those who really need to benefit the most. They understand that the interconnectedness of life results in one action affecting others, with each character in the world moving, making the world go round and round, and changing it so often.

Wise people are able to make decisions and stick by them even if the decision seems wrong in the beginning. These people have insight and foresight and understand that sometimes sacrifices have to be made to be able to achieve a good result. Wisdom means understanding that cutting the leg saves it from gangrene, never mind that it also means losing the leg. In the end, if a person or a group stands to benefit from a morally upright or ethical decision then the decision is deemed wise.

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