The bull and the bear

When you talk about the bull or the bear, it is common knowledge that you are referring to the stock exchange. A bull means share prices are rising and a bear means they are falling. The outcome of share prices have tremendous effects on the society, and especially for those who own stocks, the results can be anything from life-saving to absolute devastation.

The stock exchange is a very lucrative way to make money. If you make the right investments, it is possible to make a fortune within a very short time. There are those who just wish to make a few extra dollars to complement their steady incomes, but some investors plunge into the gamble with their live savings and more. For the most serious investors, money is not the only investment they make, the entire worth of their beings depends on the bull or the bear.

Throughout the history of the stock exchange, the drastic fall of stock prices has caused great misery to many people. Every now and then, we hear news of an investor suffering from a nervous breakdown due to unfavorable movements of the market, not to mention those who committed suicide as a result of loss. These people invest everything they own on stocks and their whole livelihood, self-worth and future are all dependent on the fickle fluctuations of market shares. No wonder they have no reason to carry on with life when their stocks take the plunge. The stock market crash which led to the Great Depression is the prime example of the effects of the stock exchange on the society as a whole. It was truly one of the darkest periods in the history of the United States.

That does not mean investing in stocks is not worthwhile, but be warned not to stake everything you have on it. It is a great way to invest because if you know your ropes to it, you can make money very efficiently. However, be truly calculative about how much of your wealth you should apportion to investment and do not go beyond the limit such that it will jeopardize your other forms of wealth, such as your self-worth, your family and livelihood. There is always a part of our wealth that is dedicated to keep our personal happiness in tact and that is the best way to use money. If everything we have is measured by the mere value of dollars and cents, life is not truly worthwhile.

It is important to balance monetary wealth with other forms of wealth. Never compromise priceless human values and the basic things that make up your personal happiness in your quest to make money. The most ideal and meaningful life is one with the right balance between material and personal wealth.

When you invest in stocks, always bear in mind that share prices can rise and fall. Although experts may tell you there are sure things in the market, nothing is quite certain until the results are announced. Be a wise investor, and make sure you always have sufficient reserves to keep a meaningful and happy life going despite bull or bear.

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